Corporate social responsibility

Creating a better tomorrow

We take it upon our able shoulders to serve the society in the best manner possible

We take the concept of corporate social responsibility very seriously for upholding the values on which Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited is built. We take a proactive action towards ensuring that our corporate social responsibility targets are met in the framed manner. Following are some of the initiatives taken by us, towards our corporate social responsibility objectives:

  • Care for the environment: at the front of our CSR initiatives is an active initiative to try and protect environmental resources to the best of our capability. For this, we have a solid policy on water conservation and harvesting in a sophisticated manner, which helps us in using water resources, in an efficient manner. We also take active steps towards water harvesting, so that water sources can be utilised only up to the extent that it is required. We take water harvesting quite seriously. It helps us in making use of existing water and its resources, with greater efficiency. This also helps us in achieving our aim of eco-friendly production.
  • We take an intensive interest in the field of labour welfare, where we adopt policies and taken initiatives that work in favour of the human resources, responsible for the working of Ganesh Remedies. For their welfare, we have initiated several schemes and welfare programs that not only aim to provide social and financial security to these people but also targets to provided health security and accommodation. For this purpose, we have decided for our labour fleet to have access to interest free loans, free education with reputable institution for their children, accommodation arrangements for those in need, and complete health and safety insurance to safeguard their families.
  • Our efforts do not remain inhibited behind our walls alone. As an active supporter of development and innovation in our region, we have also made proactive attempts to do something for the society, from whom we take needful resources and to whom, we give back our produce. As a part of such initiatives, we promote better education and support for educational institutions in our region, support gender equality and women empowerment, while we also observe these strongly in our companies, provide donations to hospitals, and support the cause of animal welfare. We believe that through our dedicated efforts towards a better tomorrow, we will be able to create a sustainable planet, not only for the present generation but also for the generations to come.

We take the statement of our corporate social responsibility quite seriously as we do not wish to hamper our working environment in any form. It is our constant endeavour to improve and enhance the scope of our services to our customers and give a more positive output to the society. For this, we feel that following our corporate social responsibility is a must. Therefore, in any form whatsoever, you will never find us violating any form of CSR activity or taking any step that goes beyond the scope of our activities. Moreover, we are always open to suggestions and opinions about the scope of our operations, from people who may feel like guiding us.

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