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Safety Policy

Initiatives that ensure health and safety for one and all

Health & Safety at Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited

At SGRL, we take the issue of health and safety very seriously, above everything else. Since it is our work, we understand that without such proactive and stringent efforts, we would be facing many unforeseen happenings annually. We respect the people who devote their efforts to our work every day, which is why we have a stringent quality policy in place, which ensures that continual efforts are taken up at the end of health and safety. We aim to work within the ambit of law, and provide apt customer satisfaction, while also working towards providing prevention of ill health and injury to everyone at Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited. Prevention of pollution and disuse of pollution creating particles is being continually adopted at SGRL.

We achieve our target of quality through elimination all unsafe work conditions and work practices, providing continuous learning and training to new as well as existing employees, conservation of natural processes, and use of latest technology that provides safety against accidents. We believe that if we create an atmosphere where quality is stressed upon, many more people and even some of our own, would feel pleased to follow in our shoes.
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