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Research & Development

Process Development – Scale up – Analytical Facilities

Research Facilities + -

SGRL is a research-based company with almost a decade of expertise in the development, scale up and manufacture of specialty chemicals. In the last decade, we have developed chemical procedures for varied chemistry in the field pharmaceuticals and chemicals through innovative, cost-effective and safe processes.

SGRL’s research Centre is to work on new products and innovative technologies for our customers in an inspiring environment. The state-of-the-art laboratory has the latest and leading-edge research facilities with high-performance instrumentation. It also hosts several experimental and computational facilities.

Process Development:

  • Specialties
  • Intermediates
  • Advanced Intermediates

Process Development

(Regulated Products)

  • Advanced Intermediates
  • APIs

Analytical Services

  • Wet Lab
  • Dry Lab
  • QC Lab

Other Facilities

  • Flow Chemistry Lab
  • Polymeric Materials Lab


Contract Research Services + -

We can develop processes based on our own know-how, or to scale-up and / or optimize existing processes for full commercial production. The rapid implementation of technical packages from clients or the custom design of a new synthesis requires good science, expert evaluation skills and a frugal and innovative mindset and good project management which is where we have expertise. Often working under very short lead times, our scientists are trained to focus efforts quickly to develop the process and produce the compound of interest.


Our R&D team at SGRL focuses on:

  • Route evaluation and development
  • Optimization of reaction conditions
  • Quality by Process Design
  • Scale-up
  • Development of continuous flow processes
  • Critical Process Parameter (& Safety) Assessment
  • Analytical method development

Research objectives can include sales growth from development of higher-performing products, cost reductions through yield improvement, sustainability for cost or customer reasons, and regulatory compliance.

Our process research team is currently focused on developing patentable non-infringing processes for the company’s operations in the regulated markets.

Scale-Up Services + -

Our lab is designed for safe execution of scale up activities. It is divided in three sections.

  • Specialties requiring batch processing
  • Continuous high temperature catalytic processes
  • Biochemical batch processes

Keeping the safety measures first, it is separated from the area for commercial production and follows separate regulations for constant monitoring and access control.

Pilot Plants

SGRL offers multipurpose pilot plant capacities for scale-up and process development and process improvement. The pilot plant used for chemical processing can handle nearly all standard operations for solids, fluids and gases.

The multipurpose pilot plant is designed in such a way that we can modify the same easily as per our process requirement.

Further, all these are controlled by an elaborate automation system to ensure accurate data acquisition to evaluate and validate the processes.

Analytical Facilities + -

Analytical services are the backbone of all of our activities from R&D, Contract research up to commercial production.

Our analytical labs offer the following services that meet the requirements of regulatory authorities worldwide for Agrochemicals & Pharmaceuticals:

  • Method development
  • Chemical, Physical & Biological
  • Method validation
  • Accuracy, Sensitivity, Specificity & Reproducibility

Analysis and characterization of:

  • Raw materials
  • Intermediates
  • Advanced intermediates
  • Agrochemical actives
  • Pharmaceutical active ingredients (GMP batch release)

Analytical Instruments:  

  • UV Spectrophotometer
  • Polarimeter
  • FT-IR
  • GC with Head-space FID
  • GC-MS
  • LC-MS
  • HPLC
  • UPLC
  • Flash Chromatography
  • Stability Chambers

R&D is a cornerstone of our strategy to offer tailored services based on competence in

  • Handling challenging chemistry
  • Developing state-of-the-art processes

R&D is an internal center of excellence to meet customer needs with

  • Customer intimacy
  • Efficiency
  • IP Respect
  • Collaboration with Universities & Institutes

By combining the molecular understanding of the synthesis & catalysis with engineering science in process design and innovative plant concepts, SGRL has achieved efficiency breakthroughs in process development and operation. Our mission is to overcome the conventional method of segregated process development providing individual solutions for specific products, and to demonstrate the technological, economic and ecological superiority of truly “designing” processes by application of advanced chemical and engineering knowledge.